With Mary, Walking in Trust

Cindy Caballero

Cindy Caballero, a Schoenstatter who lives near the Schoenstatt Shrine in Waukesha, Wisconsin shares how our Mother Thrice Admirable has helped her grow in trust during the COVID time.

Hi, I was invited to share a few insights about how Schoenstatt helps me to trust in God’s love and care. During this time of pandemic the book: Schoenstatt a University of Trust has helped me to see that I am God’s beloved child and that he gave me his mother, Mary, as my spiritual mother who is always with me. 

Very practically, I’m a planner and like things neat and organized. I have spent years and lots of energy trying to remove obstacles and bumps in the road to make future outcomes easier. This is my nature, my personality. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 and a study of the book [Schoenstatt a] University of Trust, I have changed. Mary has changed me. I find myself not planning too much ahead anymore. Rather, I present my challenges to our MTA, ask for her intercession, and then together WE forge forward. The change has been from ME to WE.

Another little custom that I do at my home shrine, that has helped me during this time of pandemic, is to daily choose a card from a set of Sister Emily’s daily inspirational quotes. Each morning when I say my morning offering and renew the covenant of love, I pick a card for the day’s theme. I love the mystery of what it will say and reflect on it throughout the day.

Something else that has helped me grow in trust was helping plan and attending an outdoor retreat for women with the theme: With Mary, Walking in Trust. This was one of the first women’s events at the Schoenstatt Retreat Center in Waukesha since the pandemic started back in March. It was wonderful to be able to come and meet outside with a small group of women, pray the rosary outside for the intentions of our country, receive the sacrament of reconciliation (outside), to have adoration and holy Mass in the shrine. Social distancing and masks were part of the retreat but we didn’t have to social distance from our MTA!

Sister M. Emilie Quote:

 It is the knowledge of being carried by invisible powers through darkness and night, through storms of time and raging weather, over chasms and cliffs. The greater the darkness, the greater my faith and confidence.