Queen of Unity

Nine-Week Novena

June 20 – August 22, 2021

Opening Prayer:

In Spirit I kneel before your picture, Thrice Admirable, strong and gentle Mother,

united with all who have consecrated themselves to you and are ready to die for your realm.

We want to mirror ourselves in your image and seal our covenant of love anew. Make us, your instruments,

like you in everything and through us build Schoenstatt everywhere (Heavenwards).


Week 1 – We are One in Our Faith

(June 20 – 26, 2021)

 This week, we reflect on the first element of unity as pointed out by our father and founder in his conferences in 1951: Our Catholic Faith. We are part of the same Schoenstatt Family, because we live and believe the same faith. What we profess and what we earnestly bring into our daily lives is a great source of peace, but also a deep source of unity.

We are not only a community which freely chose to come together, but also a community united by the bond of the Catholic faith (Fr. Kentenich, Forming the New Person, 1951).

Frank efforts toward harmony with those around us is our gift of love to the Queen of Unity.


Closing Prayer:

We pray from the Heavenwards, the Prayer for the International

… accept our humble veneration and look on

our readiness to go to battle.

We present to you the nations living here

who share with us the fate of exile.

Be their+ Mother and their Queen! May they return home transformed—a firm guarantee

for peace among the nations++ and for unity in

the City of God on earth.


Through our striving we want to replace the

love and faithfulness they deny you

through their flight from the cross of Christ.

We want to live for you and your work alone.


 Rule over us as pleases God and make us

the salt and leaven of the world.

Let us become one heart and one soul as

Our Lord implored during his earthly life


and despite each individual way remain

united, dedicating ourselves to the Father

as an ideal kingdom and overcoming all

barriers of nationality even when hate

infests the masses of the nations.


Increase the numbers and depth of our family

and use us as your instruments forever.

May we fulfill the great mission which you

have implored for us in accordance with

the Father’s will.  Amen.