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Statement About Article

“This statement was prompted by accusations against the founder of the Schoenstatt Work, Father Joseph Kentenich, first in an article by Alexandra von Teuffenbach in the weekly newspaper “Die Tagespost” on July 2, 2020, and in subsequent press releases worldwide.”

“The information contained in this article, allegedly “not yet evaluated”, is not new to us; it was fully included in the documentation about the Founder of Schoenstatt in connection with the temporary separation from his Work (1951-1965) and is being thoroughly studied by the ecclesiastical authorities in the context of the beatification process for Kentenich.”

– Schoenstatt International    

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Latest communication from Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio, president of the International Presidium

July 2, 2020

2. julio. 2020

Declaration About Article in
“Die Tagespost”

July 1, 2020

Declaración sobre el artículo en
“Die Tagespost”

1. julio. 2020