We crown you as Queen of our homes,                      we crown you as Queen of the Family, we crown you as Queen of our heart, we crown you as Queen of our physical and spiritual health, we crown you in this time of financial crisis, and we crown you as Queen of our work.

We crown you; manifest your power as Queen in our world that suffers so much from the pandemic!

We crown you in the heart of all the volunteers who give themselves with love for people infected by the virus, and go shopping for those who cannot leave their homes…

We crown you in the heart of all the priests who support the sick and their relatives, being encouragement and comfort for many people at this time.

We crown you in the hearts of politicians who have to make difficult decisions

We crown you in the hearts of all those who suffer the consequences in the financial field.

We crown you in the hearts of all children suffering from the restrictions of the pandemic.

We crown you in the heart of the elderly who are vulnerable and insecure and afraid

Dear Mother and Queen, here we bring our contributions to the Capital of Grace that we offered during this time of preparation. It is very little that we give you, but we do it with all our love and trust. Accept it and transform it into graces for all the people of the world.

In silence, we offer our contributions to the capital of grace.

On December 10, 1939, when Europe was going through a situation of insecurity and fear: the beginning of the Second World War, we crowned for the first time in the Original Shrine. On such a terrible occasion, Mary protected Schoenstatt,  our father,  the shrine, and spread her graces throughout the world. Today we live a very similar situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

Dear Blessed Mother, through the hands of our father and founder we give you this crown with all the confidence of our heart. You have power! Make this pandemic end, fill our hearts with faith and hope that better days will come. 

We give the crown to our Mother and Queen with the same prayer that was prayed in 1939 in the Original Shrine:

All: “Mother Thrice Admirable and Queen of Schoenstatt! Through this solemn coronation we elect you anew and forever as the Queen of our hearts, as the Queen and Mother of our family and the whole world.

Use our family and your family shrine for all times as the chosen work and instrument so that the world through you made new, pay to your Son his homage due.

Guide it until the end of times through enlightened and holy leaders, whether they be religious or lay people.  Make it a fruitful place of education, the home of the new God-willed person and saint for the glorification of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

We renew the crowning and our covenant of love! Dear Queen and Mother, you accepted the crown. Joy and trust reign in our hearts. We are eternally grateful for your motherly care and love. Count on us! We are your little instruments; we are at your disposal.

We sing: My Queen, my Mother…