Every third Sunday, in the Father Kentenich Hall,  Schoenstatt Center, Waukesha, the Schoenstatt Family comes together to:

  • celebrate Holy Mass,
  • renew the covenant of love, and enjoy being at home in the  shrine, the house, the land…

After the summer break, join us for a very  special day:

September 15:

9:15  –   Sacrament of Reconciliation

10:00  –   Holy Mass

11:15  –  History of the Federation

followed by:

     Volunteer Fair

We will also we also commemorate the death day of Father Kentenich, Founder of Schoenstatt.

Give us a hand and sign up 

at the Volunteer Fair! 

—Next Covenant Sunday —

September 15

sign up tables for readers, greeters, kitchen helpers, outdoor games, theater, technology, and more

After Mass, on future Covenant Sundays, games and other options for youth and families will be offered.

Contact us:

Phone: 262-522-4300 / 4326  / 4312