Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother

The Apostolate of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother started in 1950 when John Pozzobon in Brazil began taking the picture of the Blessed Mother to families, hospitals, schools, and prisons. He carried out this mission for 35 years, walking 85,000 miles.

When Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, her presence brought many blessings. Today Mary wants to carry Jesus into our homes, serve our needs, intercede for miracles in our lives.

She wishes to make our homes, rooms, and offices holy places, islands of grace, sanctuaries in the midst of the world. She wants to spread the Kingdom of God by bringing Christ anew to the world through us.

The Pilgrim MTA Rosary Campaign was brought to the USA in 1986. Now she is in all fifty states. This picture of grace is sent out from the Schoenstatt Shrine to bring graces and blessings of renewal to homes, offices, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, schools, dorms, migrant workers, and shut-ins.

The MTA travels throughout the month, going from family to family, from home to home. A group of people make a commitment to invite her into their homes for a few days every month. During her stay in a home, she is given a place of honor. Individuals and families are encouraged to come together to pray, especially the Rosary, placing all their petitions before the Blessed Mother in their home.

Many people give witness to the fruitfulness and blessings of these visits by our Blessed Mother in the Rosary Campaign. Some of these blessings are: a deeper love for God and for others, peace, joy, a longing to share with others, strength in difficulties, miracles of conversion, family unity, and returning to the Church.

Mary wants to carry Jesus into our homes. She wants to serve our needs; she wants to intercede many miracles of graces for us. Through the Pilgrim MTA Rosary Campaign it has become possible for the shrine to have “wheels” and go out to many people to help renew the Church and world.