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Magnficat Day – Wisconsin North (Appleton, Wisconsin)

The topic: Authentic Womanhood inspired the twenty-six women who attended the Magnificat Day – Wisconsin North that took place at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Appleton, Wisconsin on Saturday, February 15. Some of the women attended the 8am Holy Mass of the Parish and then gathered in the Holy Family room for the Magnificat Day program.

Highlights included the witness talks given by Schoenstatt Mothers from the Appleton area. One mother witnessed to the power of the covenant of love in everyday life. Another shared about the power of Mary’s effective activity from her home shrine. One woman showed in a photo her future home shrine area that her husband made from an old piano. One younger mom shared how she goes through the day with Mary as she cares for her husband and five active children ages 7 years old and younger; our Mother Thrice Admirable gives on her patience and insight to this young mother in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sr. M. Deanne Niehaus spoke about Authentic Womanhood – where Eve is the original image of the authentic and eternal woman – but after original sin, Eve lost her original authenticity. Out of God’s great mercy toward us, God created and called Mary to be the New Eve to restore for us authentic womanhood. Mary wants to help us to be little Mary’s – reflections of her authentic womanhood that is needed as witness of God’s love and mercy in our world today.

The event ended with Benediction in the Marian Chapel of St. Pius X Church. In this chapel an MTA picture is enthroned. During this time of prayer before Jesus present in the consecrated host in the Monstrance made for the Mothers League and the symbol of the Schoenstatt Mothers League, the mothers renewed their associates dedication.

The following quotes from Father Kentenich, servant of God and founder of Schoenstatt, used in the presentation. These words of fatherly insight and wisdom have encouraged the Schoenstatt Mothers in the past and continue to inspire mothers and women today as we celebrate the 100th anniversary year of women joining Schoenstatt:

A living ideal of womanhood rooted in God and unshakably adhered to is more important, more precious, and more fruitful for humanity than winning a world war. Servant of God, J. Kentenich, Jewel of Purity

I also give thanks to those who have allowed themselves to be formed into the image of Mary. Servant of God, J. Kentenich June 9, 1950

If I could form just one person into a new Mary, then my life has not been in vain. Servant of God, J. Kentenich

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