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Januray 20th

It was January 20, 1942. Fr. Kentenich was in a prison cell in Koblenz, Germany, imprisoned by the Nazis. He had been given a physical examination a few days earlier and had been determined healthy enough to go into the Dachau concentration camp. To go to the...

Encounter with Father

on January 20 (7:30 pm - 8:00 pm CST)

We pray for our country!

PRAYER FOR OUR COUNTRY: From her network of Schoenstatt shrines, our MTA intercedes peace for each person in our Church, country, and world:   As I have taken my abode in this shrine, I would like to draw to my heart for all time all who have consecrated themselves to...

The Place Where We Are Rooted

The Place Where We Are Rooted  Kayla Doll lives in Milwaukee, where she attends UWM. She is the diocesan leader of the Schoenstatt Young Women, and she shares with us about the significance of Covenant Sunday.  My earliest memories of going to Covenant Sundays were...

The Shrine: Our Bethlehem

The Shrine: Our Bethlehem Lisa DedinskyYour shrine is our Bethlehem… The image that comes to mind is that of Bethlehem at Christmas, where we find a most holy, awe-filled place for the Holy Family. Meditating on the shrine as our Bethlehem, I place myself in the...

Motherhood of Mary

Motherhood of Mary – Happy New Year 2021!The Mother of God is surrounded by the sun. Who is the sun? Christ, the great King of Light. Whoever exposes himself uniquely to the light must himself become light. If our Lord is the Light itself, we are justified in calling...

Christmas of Historical Significance

It is important to rediscover the birth of the Son of God as the most important event of history. It is the event foretold by the prophets centuries before it happened. It is the event that is still spoken of today: which historical figure do we speak of like we speak...

A Novena Before Christmas

Shelter Seeking Novena A Novena Before Christmas from the Founder Shrine Madison, WisconsinShelter Seeking is a Novena in preparation for Christ coming on Christmas. We want to open our hearts for Christ and his Mother! This Novena starts on the evening of December...

Bringing Order Through the Covenant

My name is Gianna Andress and I am from the Milwaukee area in Wisconsin. I made my covenant of love a little over a year ago at the Waukesha shrine on October 20, 2019. Since then I have been completely captivated by my covenant and the relationship it promotes with...

One Hundred Years

On December 8, the Schoenstatt Movement will commemorate 100 years since the first women consecrated themselves to the MTA in the shrine. With all the mothers, women, young women, and girls that have dedicated themselves to Schoenstatt and its mission throughout the...

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Schoenstatt daughter shrines are replicas of the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany. The three graces you receive in every Schoenstatt Shrine are: the grace of being at home in the heart of Mary, being transformed to be like Christ, and being sent out as an apostle to share the love of Jesus and Mary with others. Come and visit our Schoenstatt Shrines in Wisconsin.

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