Dear Schoenstatt Family,

Confronted by the difficulties presented by the COVID-19, we turn to our MTA as a great help and guide. Our Queen shows us ways to use this time to grow in our trust in God through the Covenant, particularly when many of us are living this reality at home.

Precisely at this time, Divine Providence gives us a new Movement Director for the places served by our Schoenstatt central committee in Waukesha. Fr. Pushpa Antonysamy was chosen unanimously at the February meeting of our US regional presidium.

Fr. Pushpa’s term of office begins today on March 19, 2020. Many thanks to you Fr. Pushpa for accepting this task and blessings to all in the Covenant.

Fr. Mark Niehaus and the USA regional presidium
Delegate Superior of the Schoenstatt Fathers, USA