October 22, 1965 / December 24, 1965

Fourth Milestone in Schoenstatt's History

October 22, 1965, was the day when Pope Paul VI approved and confirmed the decision of the Holy Office of October 20. In a plenary session of the cardinals of the Holy Office decreed to transfer the case of Father Joseph Kentenich to the Congregration of Religious. This decision rendered void all decrees which had separated Father Kentenich for fourteen years from his foundation and had kept him in exile from Schoenstatt far away in Milwaukee, USA — exactly fourteen years earlier, since October 22, 1951 (cf. E. Monnerjahn, 1990).

The victorious confidence with which Father Kentenich lived throughout his life inspires us to serve, love, and suffer for the Church and for those entrusted to us. Today’s commemoration is also a reminder that for those who love God, all things work together for the best.

May our Mother and Queen continue to bless each of us with the daring spirit of our father and founder, who throughout the fourteen years of separation proved his faithfulness and obedience to God and to the Church.