Lead to the Mystery of Easter—Our Covenant

From among the many elements of the Easter liturgy, there is one particular action that draws us directly into the mysteries of salvation: the renewal of the baptismal promises.
Baptism is the first consecration that we ever made in our lives. It incorporated us into the person of Christ. From then on, we belong to him. It was the first covenant of love we ever sealed. After that, some have also sealed a marriage covenant and some have deepened that baptismal covenant through holy orders or consecrated life. And, all of us, Schoenstatt children, have renewed, deepened, and embraced that first baptismal covenant to an eminent degree by sealing the covenant of love with the MTA.
As we celebrate Easter, and with that, the triumph of Christ over sin and death, let us also celebrate the fact that our faith and love are renewed and strengthened in our covenant of love with the MTA. She, our Mother and Queen, lived the covenant of love with Christ, with God, to perfection. Let us ask her to lead us, from the shrine, to live a life anchored in her covenant with Christ. Let us ask the MTA to open our hearts to the love of her Son and to the mysteries of our faith in such a way that we bring to fruition and to perfection what unfolds before our eyes during this Easter season.  
The MTA will not only lead us from the shrine to fully live the mystery of Christ, she will also lead us back to the shrine, into the heart of her Son. If we ever forget how to live incorporated in the person of Christ, assimilating his person and mission, we just have to renew our covenant of love with Mary. She will bring us back on track! She is faithful! From the shrine we receive the graces we need to live our baptismal covenant to perfection.
May our Mother and Queen intercede for us the grace to live incorporated in our Lord, to live the mystery of Easter in our daily lives.
Blessed Easter to all!