FMIB 2021 Online Workshops –

Facilitators: Teri Erdelt & Wendy Crisci

Tuesdays: 10:30 am-Noon

February 16:     Topic One – Touched by the moment

February 23:     Topic Two – Be free from the pressure of perfection

March 2:           Topic Three – Newly evaluate my daily rhythm

March 9:           Topic Four – Don’t make mountains out of molehills

March 16:         Topic Five – The strength to simply cope

March 23:         Topic Six – Transform stress into affection

March 30:         Topic Seven – The power of a relaxed smile

April 6:             Topic Eight – Allow love to conquer all obstacles

April 13:            Topic Nine – A unique charm

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Morning Sessions: Tuesdays 10:30am- Noon



FMIB 2021 Online Workshops - Morning Sessions
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The workshops are based on the Finding My Inner Balance book. If you would like to purchase one, please order one online. The Blessed Mothers worklists are also available. Many women have found this tool to be helpful by writing what they would like to do during the day on the list and asking the Blessed Mother to help them do what God wants. This can help bring more inner balance to a hectic life.

Workshop Outline Powerpoints