Mater Ecclesiae

April 30, 2020

Entering Motherly Embrace
To Experience Her Special Love, Care, and Guidance
in Corona Virus Pandemic Time

It is unknown and invisible, yet so real that it forces us into shutdown and solitude, a time of enforced retreat for the entire world. It is also a time to evaluate and elevate our way of being human.

Stricken by fear and panic, nations one after another had no choice but to go into lockdown. As weeks pass by and concerns rise, we are looking for a safe and meaningful exit. Virtues of prudence and patience are an absolute need of the hour as we approach the coming weeks and months. This is an unprecedented crisis for any nation, leader, or person to deal with it on their own. In the known human history of our faith, there is one person who guarded and guided the anxious terrified apostles with grit and grace in uncertain times. Her Motherly care and embrace elevated their minds and hearts and encouraged them to stay together to encounter the risen Lord.

In this testing of times, with trust and confidence, the bishops of Canada and USA are re-consecrating both the nations to ‘Mater Ecclesiae’, Mother of the church, on May 1st. From the history of Schoenstatt and of the world we have heard and experienced that in troubled times Blessed Mother has guarded and guided us through in a special way. Let us make time available to join in and participate in this special initiative of our Bishops as they entrust our nations to the mother of the church. May her motherly embrace and special intercessory powers be upon everyone.

Let us make time available to Model best behavior from MTA, to constantly seek and unite the best in us in others and in everything to connect and integrate under her motherly mantel, especially in this global pandemic time. Let us set apart time to Transcend our status quo in order to encounter the risen Lord and to elevate our minds and hearts to another level of being human in and through pondering in heart contemplation. Above all let us make time available to Abide in God’s love so that we may become fully alive to respond appropriately to the challenges that come from these troubled times.

We will have 18 minutes of daily contemplation as well as Marian masses throughout the month of May so that we may embrace, embody, and dwell in the richness of our Blessed Mother’s compassionate guidance until June 1st the day dedicated to Mater Ecclesia.

United in MTA

Fr Pushpa, Regional Movement Director USA

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For more inforrmation on the US and Canada bishops re-consecration visit the following links: