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Every Monday evening, 1956-1964, Father Kentenich, Founder of Schoenstatt, gave a brief talk to families in Milwaukee. His words on marriage and family in challenging times were a support to these families. Discover the relevance of his message for family life today and join us for:



  8:30 AM –   Registration table opens

  9:00 AM –  Opening & Welcome

10:00 AM –  Talk, Reflection, Learning

12:00 PM –   Lunch

   1:30 PM –   Confession, Tours, Shrine time,                               Family Time, Testimonial, Skits                               and Games   

  4:00 PM –   Closing

           —  Program Ends at 4:00 PM  —   

  4:30 PM – Holy Mass (Optional)

Schoenstatt Retreat Center

W284 N698 Cherry Lane
Waukesha WI 53188


The Schoenstatt Families are offering four one-day events in the summer for parents and children with lots of learning and growing together as well as fun games and meeting other families.

DOME stands for Discover On Monday Evenings.

Discover the message which Father Kentenich, the founder of Schoenstatt shared every Monday evening 

with couples and families in Milwaukee in the years in the 50s & 60s.

His talks have been compiled in texts that are called On Monday Evenings.

Discover many secrets for how to build the Domestic Church!

Discover a place where we receive special graces to strive for holiness as a family!

Discover a beautiful place…

A getaway for the whole family…

 A holy place to be in touch with God…

Learning ways to strength faith and family life…

 Finding the tools to build the Domestic Church…

A small chapel dedicated to Mary…

 We are at home!

One day event for families
Summer 2020
9 AM – 4 PM

Through corresponding methods, parents and children will learn the same message.

Small capsules of stories, anecdotes, parables, and reflections from Father Kentenich to the families…

Games, talks, discussions, confession, Holy Mass, and much more…

Come and join us!

Saturday, May 16:

Educating Personalities for Today

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Saturday, June 20:

Confidence in Divine Providence

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Saturday, July 18:

Knowledge, Faith, or Practice?

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Saturday, August 8:

Mary: Our Mother and Educator

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“We cannot turn to anyone for such great help, but to the mother of all help, to the Mother Thrice Admirable and Queen of Schoenstatt. She is the great educator…”

Father Joseph Kentenich, On Monday Evening Talks, 1955

God is Father, God is Good!

Text is from Father J. Kentenich, Founder of Schoenstatt ▪
Bulleted discussion questions are indented between paragraphs.
Words addressed to families in Milwaukee, On Monday Evening, January 22,1956

We want to have complete confidence in Divine Providence. We know that God will send only what we are able to carry. If the load is too heavy, he will strengthen us by putting, as it were, his own shoulders under the beams of the cross.

§Are we familiar with what the Church teaches about faith in Divine Providence?
§  In Schoenstatt, we speak of practical faith in Divine Providence. What do you think that means?

A story is told about a terrible storm at sea. The ship is being tossed about by the waves. Everyone, passengers as well as the crew, are very frightened, and there was confusion all over the ship. Someone noticed a little child, sitting very calmly, playing, and seemingly without fear. The child was asked if he did not know what was happening, and perhaps they all would be lost. The child answered, “No, I am not the least afraid because my father is at the helm. He is the captain of the ship; he is steering the ship.”3
We must learn to love God in a personal manner. He is a loving father. We do not imagine him way up in the clouds, or as a mirage or, as some people say: Yes, we know that you are there—but do not really see him at all. (…)

§  Why is it so hard to trust in God in the midst of difficulties?
§  What do we need to stress or change in our own education as people who want to live out of our faith in daily life?

We may apply this example to God. Everything comes from a loving fatherly hand, even if it hurts very much.
We must become personalities, not mass-men. We should use the ladder for our mind and heart to climb to God in all events.  We know that God is a personal God. He does not – as it were – sit up there in heaven where it is “cozy and warm”, looking down through a window at the people below. He is not watching the horrors on this earth in an impersonal manner; the wars between nations, the terrible sufferings of humankind. He is not indifferent to these things. (…)
 What could that term mean: mass-men? What do we want to say when call someone a personality?

§  How can we educate our children to be personalities?
§  What does that have to do with our faith?

We often do not understand why God permits certain things to happen, but we know that he is the all-wise God; he knows the reason. It is as if God held the reins in his hands, and he pulls and directs every move. (…)
 Think of the chicken as it is drinking water. It bends its head to the water, and then raises its head up, letting the water trickle down its throat. In this manner we should taste the goodness of God, raise our eyes to heaven, as it were, and thank the Triune God for all his goodness. We should not walk through life like cows, with our head always down, never looking up. If we do it like this, we will never see the cross at the top of the steeple. Then we will not see God who watches over everything. Nothing which happens on earth escapes his glance. (…)

3Poem by Ludwig Uhland.  The last stanza reads: “The wind may howl, and the storms may rage, and when there is thunder and lightning.  I think like the skipper’s child: My father is at the helm.”

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