Celebration of 100 years of women in Schoenstatt

Preliminary Online Events

December 2020 – May 2021

Holy Hearts / Sagrados Corazones

Patti Bowlin

December 5, 2020

Mary Charity to All: Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother /
María con caridad para todos – Apostolado de la Virgen Peregrina de Schoenstatt

Edna Salas

January 30, 2021

Daughter of Divine Security /
María con caridad para todos – Hijas de Seguridad Divina

Ann Ayala

March 27, 2021

Be Loyal to the Royal
Domestic Church
Authentic Womanhood
Being and Action​ (Part 1)
Being and Action (Part 2)
Touched by God
Capital of grace
Explanation of the striving
Preparation Virtue Idea Card
Preparation Striving Symbol