Bringing Order Through the Covenant

My name is Gianna Andress and I am from the Milwaukee area in Wisconsin. I made my covenant of love a little over a year ago at the Waukesha shrine on October 20, 2019. Since then I have been completely captivated by my covenant and the relationship it promotes with our Blessed Mother. My covenant has helped me to order my life and view myself as a precious and irreplaceable daughter of God.

In a world that tries to repress our uniqueness, I have struggled to be my authentic self. But in the covenant, I find a Mother, a role model, a Queen, and a companion who is always there for me. I know the Blessed Mother loves me just as I am, and this has really led me to realize my dignity as a daughter of the King, a princess, and a child of God.

One concrete thing the covenant has contributed to my life is order. It has inspired me to make a great effort to create my own rule of life that includes a balance in each elemental human area. From the spiritual to the emotional to the physical, the SDO (Spiritual Daily Order) has especially aided me in setting goals in these areas and striving to fulfill them. To anyone considering making their covenant of love, I would say that it has the potential to become one of the most beautiful aspects of your life. The depth of the covenant and its relationship with the Blessed Mother is hard to understand until one actually makes it. Even then, it is a reality that grows to fullness only over the entire span of one’s life. But for myself, the covenant has allowed me to truly and concretely begin the process of flowering into maturity and sainthood in all the areas of my life. I know that if I had not made my covenant, an integral part of my life would be missing.