Men’s League

The Men’s League of Schoenstatt was formed as a branch here in 1989 with the desire to offer men of all ages an opportunity to study, learn, and share their Catholic faith. Its members strive to fully live out their vocations in life, whether they be married, single, or ordained ministers. The goal of this branch of Schoenstatt is to help each man open his heart to seek God’s will in his life, and—with the help of the Mother Thrice Admirable—create a strong desire to grow in holiness.

The Men’s League helps foster this quest for holiness by offering retreats and monthly evenings of prayer and reflection. We study the gospels, Church teachings, apostolic letters and encyclicals, while weaving Schoenstatt’s covenant and instrument spirituality into our study and discussions. Together, these help self-educate and direct the men in better discerning God’s will in their life.
Our mission is to call men to greater holiness which will, by nature and grace, draw them to become more apostolic. This change in one man’s heart will affect a corresponding change in his family, his parish, our country, and then the world. Our hope is to draw more people to God, one man at a time!