The eloquent silence of our Lord during his hours of passion and agony are a discourse on confidence and childlike trust. The same serenity with which Christ calmed the stormy sea and healed and pardoned so many, displays the depth of his heart: his childlike attitude.

Human existence can be complicated! Our present pandemic is one example. But, the reality that we celebrate at Easter quietly speaks of another dimension to this same reality. While we center on the cross for much of our Christian education and formation, we may not forget that we believe in the Resurrection. Ours is a victorious faith! The Heavenly Father will victoriously lead us all back into his heart.

Suffering does not destroy our existence. It gives us a possibility to grow and flourish as human beings. It makes us like unto Christ. It opens the heart for a higher degree of love.

Christ did not suffer in an ordinary way. Humanity as a whole is also experiencing an extraordinary degree of sorrow. With our eyes fixed on our childlike, practical faith in Divine Providence, let us trust that our sufferings, the suffering of our loved ones, and even the death of so many of our brothers and sisters cannot weaken our faith. Ours is a victorious faith! Our image of Christ is one that embraces joy and sorrow as greetings from the Father in Heaven.

May our Lord draw ever closer to him through the love of the MTA! In Christ and in Mary we live out of the victorious spirit of our faith: We shall rise with Him in glory and enter triumphantly enter the heart of our Heavenly Father!

Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter!