Happy Covenant Day!

18th Impulse - July 2023

Dear Schoenstatt Mothers and friends,
Blessings in this beautiful summer month of July! Tonight on the 18th we will have a family adoration outside our MTA's shrine here in Waukesha and combine that with the covenant renewal. Last month, the Schoenstatt Pilgrimage enjoyed being at the covenant renewal in Schoenstatt, Germany. Some were able to carry banners in the procession, be in the Original Shrine for the renewal, and others were able to bring the capital of grace jar while others helped throw the many contributions of the past month into the fire. See the short review of the pilgrimage - two weeks in less than 8 minutes! The Corpus Christi celebration at the Liebfrauenhoehe was also a highlight especially as we are in the time of the Eucharistic Revival.

2022 Feb 18 covenant renewal

18th Options

  • Visit our Covenant Queen in the Original Shrine via livestream webcam at the link below.
  • Listen to Julia Monnin's 18th of the month podcast for inspirations for living our covenant in daily life.
  • Join the online bilingual covenant renewal at the National Schoenstatt Shrine in the USA - Waukesha, Wisconsin.
Capital of Grace
Don't forget to offer your capital of grace from the past month. These large or small contributions placed into our MTA's hands can contribute to helping her lift up the hearts of people who need hope. Submit your contributions at the provided link.
World Youth Day (WYD) in Lisbon, Portugal takes place the first days of August. We have a group of 22 young women going for the event who come from seven states: WI, MN, OH, TX, NE, IL, and MD. They join other Schoenstatt youth in Schoenstatt, Germany for a pre-program. In Lisbon, Portugal, we also have a Schoenstatt Shrine and view the little promotional video asking people to sponsor the many youth at WYD who will stop and visit the shrine. If you can't financially support them, please support them with prayer and capital of grace. One suggestion from the International Schoenstatt Communication Team is to try to pray a rosary for Pope Francis and for all attending WYD. I think all of us can do that especially asking our MTA for graces for WYD from our home shrines.

Prayer Intentions

Spiritually in the Original Shrine in in our home and heart shrines we pray ...
  • For Pope Francis and all the young people attending World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal
  • For peace in our world and families
ExileShrine_Adoration 02
  • For blessed family time during these summer months with vacations and summer activities.
  • For all of our beloved deceased family members, Schoenstatters, and friends.
  • For safety and help in health issues.
  • In gratitude for miracles of reconciliation in families.
  • In gratitude for a blessed pilgrimage to Schoenstatt, Germany in June.
For your intentions ...

You know the way, you know the time. Into your hands we trustingly place them.
Your plan is born of perfect love. You know the way. That is enough.
Here are three inspirational articles for you this month to lift up your hearts.
  • July 16, founding day of the Schoenstatt Families and the Brothers of Mary took place in Dachau during the Second World War. What a daring act this was for Father Kentenich and the two men who represented these communities.
  • Two sides of the same coin is a meditation on the 5th Joyful Mystery using the rosary meditation from Father Kentenich's prayers - Heavenwards that were composed in the prison camp of Dachau during the second World War.
  • The coffee maker is a thought provoking meditation for all coffee lovers who might take a second glance at the coffee maker.
We are trying to see who might be interested in going to the National Eucharistic Congress with a Schoenstatt Group next July. Once we see how many are interested, we will be able to give more details.
Let us continue to unite in striving to be Christ bearers and Christ bringers as Living Monstrance during this summer time. Maybe you have time to take in the intentions of your family and neighbors in your home shrine or visiting a wayside shrine or daughter shrine in your area. We want to continue to fill the capital of grace of our Mother Thrice Admirable so that the Eucharistic Revival in our country my be blessed. Lift up your hearts! Sursum Corda!

In Gratitude,
Sr. M. Deanne
Schoenstatt Mothers - Waukesha
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