Happy Covenant Day!

January 18, 2024

Dear Schoenstatt Mothers Leaders,

Happy Covenant Day, as we begin a new year with our Covenant Queen!
Here in Waukesha, Wisconsin we received the gift of a lot of snow! So lift up your hearts as you enjoy our snow covered International Shrine of the Father Kingdom!
  • Measuring up for the New Year: Take a few moments to reflect upon the January 2024 youth calendar inspiration - Gratitude is the sign of a noble person. (J. Kentenich)
  • New Year's Greeting video: Here is a little video from our Schoenstatt Sisters You Tube channel with a greeting for the New Year! The video is subtitled in English.
2022 Feb 18 covenant renewal
Covenant Renewal: Spend some time uniting in the shrine with our Schoenstatt Family on the first Covenant Day of 2024:
  • Original Shrine: via the Webcam from the International Website
  • Waukesha online: Join us for the covenant renewal at the National Shrine of our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt at 7:30 pm CT.
  • Capital of Grace: Don't forget to give your contributions to fill our MTA's capital of grace as she helps her Son from our shrine to renew the world one person at a time.
  • Covenant of Love: Watch the video from the 2023 National Leaders Convention where Mauricio from Austin, Texas shares from his covenant journey.

What's New in Schoenstatt?

2020 Sept Impulse Original Shrine
January 20 - Living in Divine Confidence: Read about the free decision Schoenstatt's founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich made to go to the Dachau concentration camp during the Second World War. He freely chose to suffer for Schoenstatt so that Schoenstatters would dare to choose to do God's will out of inner freedom. Article is from 2022 - this year it is the 82 anniversary.

Original Shrine altar renovation: The new year brings some updates in the Original Shrine. Read in this article about the plans for the altar.

Novices of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary: Nine young women will receive the dress of Mary on Saturday, July 27. Here's an article about their day. Let us keep them in prayer! The celebration is in Schoenstatt, Germany in the Adoration Church.
2020 Aug Impulse Prayers 2
We ask our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt to intercede for...
  • Deceased family members
  • Care givers of elderly parents
  • People struggling with physical and mental health issues
  • The homeless especially in the cold winter weather
  • Our country in this election year
  • Mothers expecting children
  • Peace in the places of war
  • End to violence in our schools
  • Financial help to pay heating, electric bills, and rent
  • Safe travels during the winter months
  • The lonely and homebound
  • All our personal intentions
Canonization JKentenich
Have you heard? One of the mothers asked for information for sending prayer requests and answered prayers for Fr. Kentenich's canonization process. You can help his cause, also. Petitions and answered prayers may be sent to the Fr. Kentenich Secretariat digitally. May our father and founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, continue to intercede for us the courage to do God's will in our everyday life. Check out the official Fr. Joseph Kentenich secretariat website.
In Gratitude,
Sr. M. Deanne with the help of Annie Gonzalez
Together we lift up our hearts as Living Monstrance! Continue to contribute SEED for the Eucharistic Revival:

Spiritually (and in reality)




We fill the capital of grace for our country, Church, and world.
Schoenstatt Mothers
W284 N698 Cherry Ln
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188
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