Happy 108 Birthday Schoenstatt!

2022 Socia Oct Original Shrine
18th Impulse - October 2022

Dear Schoenstatt Mothers and friends,
Many Covenant Day blessings to you as we celebrate 108 years of the founding covenant of October 18, 1914.The words Schoenstatt's founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, have set our hearts on fire! We place our trust along with his and the founding generation in our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt.
Don't these same words fit for us as we live the covenant of love 108 years later:

Just now you have the best opportunity to do so. Do not think that in times
like these, when momentous decisions are being made, that it is something extraordinary to increase your striving beyond that of previous generations, indeed to the highest degree.

We might not be in the first World War but we have our own challenges that may seem like battles in daily life. Our founder continued with his talk to the founding generation and to us:

According to the plan of Divine Providence, this World War with its mighty incentives is
meant to be an extraordinary help for you in the work of your self-sanctification. This
sanctification I demand of you. It is the armor that you shall put on, the sword with which you shall do battle for your desires. Diligently bring me contributions to the capital of grace. By fulfilling your duties faithfully and conscientiously and through an ardent life of prayer, earn many merits and place them at my disposal. Then it will please me to dwell in your midst and dispense gifts and graces in abundance. Then from here I will draw youthful hearts to myself, and I will educate them to become useful instruments in my hand.

Take time today to visit the Original Shrine and renew the covenant of love. You can visit the Original Shrine via webcam and read the full text of the Founding Document. Also check out what is happening in Schoenstatt, Germany to celebrate. Read about Mary's first promise in the covenant of love: It will please me to dwell in your midst.
2022 Socia Covenant Renewal
Join the Covenant Renewal in Waukesha if you aren't able to visit a daughter shrine in your area. Thank our MTA for the many blessings we have received in the past month.
Tune into Julia Monnin's 18th of the month podcast also provides covenant of love renewal inspirations for daily life.
Offer your past months striving into the capital of grace.
2022 Oct 18 Header Impulse
The Schoenstatt Family in the USA has chosen the umbrella statement: Lift up your hearts! Sursum Corda! The Schoenstatt Family in the local dioceses and areas are invited to lift up their hearts:
  • By joining in the Eucharistic Revival - the words are from Holy Mass just before the Holy, Holy.
  • By living out of the covenant of love where we daily or multiple times a day lift up our eyes, our ears, our mouth, our hearts to our Mother Thrice Admirable.
  • By lifting up those around us with a smile, a kind word, or a listening ear.

SEEDS - Eucharistic Revival Info

Join the Schoenstatt Mothers in promoting the SEEDS: Spiritually encouraging Eucharistic devotion. See resources at the National website for the Eucharistic Revival. Scroll down to the bottom of the website for helpful articles.
Únase a las Madres de Schoenstatt en la promoción del Avivamiento
Eucarístico iniciado por la Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de los Estados Unidos. Vea los recursos en el sitio web nacional. Desplácese hasta el final del sitio web para ver artículos útiles.

Prayer Intentions

  • For Pope Francis and the church that there is a heightened awareness that the Eucharist is Jesus’ true presence, and the true bread of salvation providing us with a path to eternal life. We pray:
  • For our country and all those currently in elected office as well as those up for election, may they use their leadership to promote peace and the common good of all. We pray
  • For our International Schoenstatt family as we commemorate our October founding, May we celebrate and live out of the blessings. We pray:
  • For all those who visit our Schoenstatt shrines both physically and spiritually. May they be touched by the graces of the shrine and carry that to those around them. We pray:
  • For Father Joseph Kentenich’s canonization and for the Schoenstatters whose process of beatification has been opened. May they give witness to the power of the covenant of love as a source of every day sanctity. We pray:
ExileShrine_Adoration 02
  • For young people to be open to God‘s generous call of service and discernment of God‘s personal call. We pray especially for many and good vocations to all the branches of our Schoenstatt family. We pray:
  • For all who have asked us to pray for them and for those who are suffering from natural disasters through illness, homelessness, as well as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. We pray:
  • For all of our personal intentions and for the intentions of our families, relatives, and those who have no one to pray for them. We pray:
  • I trust your might your kindness Mother dear, I do believe that you are always near. Schoenstatt's great Queen oh Mother mild, I blindly trust in you and in your child.
2022 Oct month of the rosary

The great remedy of modern times which will influence the events of the world more than all diplomatic endeavors and which has greater effect on public life than all organizational ones, is the rosary.

J. Kentenich, 1954
FYI: The above article can be translated into English by pressing the English Translation on the right hand corner

Blessings to you and your families. You and your intentions are remembered in our International Shrine of the Father Kingdom here in Waukesha, Wisconsin - our national Schoenstatt Shrine! Thank you for your prayers and contributions to the capital of grace as we Lift up our Hearts! Sursum Corda!

In Gratitude,
Sr. M. Deanne
Schoenstatt Mothers – Waukesha, Wisconsin

Help for the Ukraine continues

Ukraine donate image
Thank you for your generous donations for the relief efforts for the refugees from Ukraine. Donations can continue to be made through the International Schoenstatt Website: schoenstatt.com.
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