Happy Covenant Day!

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18th Impulse - September 2022

Dear Schoenstatt Mothers and friends,
Many Covenant Day greetings to you as we renew the covenant of love with our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt on this 25th Sunday of Ordinary time. In September, we honor Mary on many days such as her birthday on September 8, her holy name on September 12, and her seven sorrows on September 15. We also remember the death anniversary of Schoenstatt's founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, on September 15, 1968. His holy death took place after celebrating his first holy Mass in the Adoration Church in Schoenstatt, Germany.
In Schoenstatt adoration of our Lord in the Holy Eucharist is important. How fitting that we as Schoenstatt Mothers take the initiative of Schoenstatt SEEDS - Spiritually encouraging Eucharistic Adoration. One little example was when one of the Schoenstatt Mothers brought her 5 year old grandson to adoration in the shrine. With gentle encouragement the little one prayed along with the rosary and spent a half hour with our Lord with us.

SEEDS - Eucharistic Revival

The Knights of Columbus have several videos that might be helpful to show others and that might be an open door to a conversation about the importance of the Eucharist and the real presence of Jesus. The link is to the website resources of the Knights of Columbus. The trailer is a good start and can be downloaded.
2022 Feb 18 covenant renewal
Visit our MTA on the 18th
Give joy to our Covenant Queen by paying her a visit the Original Shrine via livestream webcam at the link below. Thank our MTA for the many blessings we have received in the past month. Julia Monnin's 18th of the month podcast also provides covenant of love renewal inspirations for daily life. Since we have the renewal of the covenant of love as part of our Covenant Sunday here in Waukesha, Wisconsin, we will not have the online covenant renewal this month. Spiritually join us in your home shrines!
Capital of Grace
Don't forget to take a few minutes to offer your capital of grace from the past month. These large or small contributions placed in to our MTA's hands can contribute to bringing peace to our world. Submit your contributions at the above provided link.
2020 Sept Impulse Original Shrine
Wondering what is happening in Schoenstatt, Germany?
  • Night of the Shrine: Read about the Schoenstatt Youth who held their annual Night of the Shrine held on the weekend of September 2-4, 2022 right by the Original Shrine. The theme was "WE unite – dare to live today" and 350 youth attended.
  • Father Joseph Kentenich's death anniversary remembered on September 15: Read about the living trust that Schoenstatt's founder lived out of and gives to us as a charism.
  • Daily Impulse: Read the publication from the Father Kentenich Founder Secretariat that promotes his canonization. Included is an explanation of the present state of the cause and what can be done to promote the cause.
2022 Socia July schoenstatt in one sentence
Schoenstatt is the hand that brought me closer to Jesus and Mary. Thank you!
Schoenstatt is a way of life in which we grow in love with our Mother Thrice Admirable and the Trinity.
Schoenstatt means to me a beautiful place of love, peace, and joy in our heart and for our hearts.
Schoenstatt is deepening my faith in Jesus and Mary.
Schoenstatt is where its at! It’s a place where the Blessed Mother transforms our hearts and makes them ready to give to her Son.

Prayer Intentions

  • We pray that all women know their value and key contribution to society as mothers; whether through spiritual, adoptive or physical maternity
  • We pray that our Blessed Mother will show us how to live lovingly attentive to the Trinity's intimate dwelling within us
  • We pray for the grace to radiate joyfully our Triune God's loving Presence within, just as the monstrance reveals Jesus' Eucharistic Love to the world
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  • We pray our Blessed Mother will give us her own Immaculate Heart with which to fall passionately in love with Jesus, truly present in the Holy Eucharist
2022 Sept Youth daring to share
At the National Mothers Leaders Workshop in June 2022, we spent a lot of time on the topic of the New Generation for Schoenstatt, the Church, and the world. Here are two articles written by Schoenstatt Young Women: one in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Herald and the other in the parish bulletin in Minnesota (scroll down to the article - Talk with Jesus...). Some mothers have also asked for resources for the challenging topics with their children and young adults. One mother shared the Canavox resources that give helpful insights into many challenging topics. The insights are based on natural law so they apply to all people. Maybe one or the other can be helpful to you. Canavox mission is to promote healthy marriages.

Quote on the Eucharist

What can we do to give our lives a Eucharistic form? How often do I come to the tabernacle? Is the tabernacle my favorite place? If you think of the great educators, for example Don Bosco, you will notice how he managed to change people at a time when there was little or not devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. How often we should kneel before the tabernacle! There is the lovely saying in Workday Sanctity: do not make such a spectacle in public, instead kneel prayerfully before the tabernacle! We should live our lives before the tabernacle. Christ is the root from which the tree grows. Christ should increasingly become the focal point of my life in order that I can become Christ.
(J. Kentenich, April 6, 1946, Christ My Life, 37)

Blessings to you and your families. You and your intentions are remembered in our International Shrine of the Father Kingdom here in Waukesha, Wisconsin - our national Schoenstatt Shrine!

In Gratitude,
Sr. M. Deanne
Schoenstatt Mothers – Waukesha, Wisconsin

Help for the Ukraine continues

Ukraine donate image
Thank you for your generous donations for the relief efforts for the refugees from Ukraine. Donations can continue to be made through the International Schoenstatt Website: schoenstatt.com.
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