Happy Covenant Day!

18th Impulse - June 2023

Dear Schoenstatt Mothers and friends,
In this month where we celebrated Corpus Christi, a special liturgical day for the Living Monstrance, I wish you a blessed Covenant Day and Happy Father's Day! Today, I am with a small pilgrimage group of 15 persons and we are celebrating the Covenant Day in Schoenstatt, Germany right at the Original Shrine! We are uniting with all of you through our network of shrines whether you renew your covenant of love with our MTA at a home, wayside, or daughter shrine!

If you are interested in what we are doing the last days of our pilgrimage, here is the program. The whole pilgrimage began on June 7 and we flew to Munich so that we could visit Dachau where our father and founder, Father Joseph Kentenich showed courage and trust in our MTA in a difficult situation. On our pilgrimage, we remember all of you and your intentions in these holy places:

Covenant Day Mass – Pilgrim Church

Recollection morning
Time in the Founder Chapel


Wed. June 21
Leave for Airport in Frankfurt
2022 Feb 18 covenant renewal

18th Options

  • Visit our Covenant Queen in the Original Shrine via livestream webcam at the link below.
  • Listen to Julia Monnin's 18th of the month podcast for inspirations for living our covenant in daily life.
  • Join the online bilingual covenant renewal at the National Schoenstatt Shrine in the USA - Waukesha, Wisconsin.
Capital of Grace
Don't forget to offer your capital of grace from the past month. These large or small contributions placed into our MTA's hands can contribute to helping her lift up the hearts of people who need hope. Submit your contributions at the provided link.
In Waukesha, we completed the three Covenant Sunday preparation classes for the Schoenstatt Covenant of Love. Here are some articles that may be of interest:
  • The Covenant of Love teaches us to serve is an article from Schoenstatt's international website that gives insight into living the covenant with our Mother Thrice Admirable and sharing her love with others through service.
  • Washington State Covenant Video: Enjoy the short overview of the covenant of love celebration in Prosser, Washington from February 2023
  • Covenant Day in a parish in Poland: See what this parish did to celebrate those making their Schoenstatt covenant of love in an article from the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary international website.

Prayer Intentions

Spiritually in the shrine we pray ...
  • For all families during summer vacation.
  • For those mourning the lose of a loved one.
  • For family peace.
ExileShrine_Adoration 02
  • For all Dad's as we celebrate Father's Day on June 18.
  • In gratitude for Father Kentenich's visit to the USA in 1948.
  • For blessings upon our pilgrimage to Schoenstatt/Dachau.
  • For all families with new babies coming into their lives.
  • For the Schoenstatt Pilgrim MTA convention to go well from June 22-25, 2023.
  • In gratitude for the many gifts of love we have received from our Covenant Mother and Queen.
For your intentions ...

You know the way, you know the time. Into your hands we trustingly place them.
Your plan is born of perfect love. You know the way. That is enough.
Lift up your hearts with a few inspirations:

  • Founder Shrine Madison - 70 Year Dedication Day on June 20, 2023: Enjoy the overview video of the blessing the first Schoenstatt Shrine in the USA has brought to our country! From the Founder Shrine - Mother Thrice Admirable - form the American Saint!
  • Train Station Apostolate: Here is a fun story of an apostolate by several religious groups in Switzerland that the Schoenstatt Sisters joined. Maybe we can find creative ways to live our SEED project in this time of the Eucharistic Revival
Let us continue to unite in striving to be Christ bearers and Christ bringers as Living Monstrance during this summer time. Maybe take a little trip to the nearest Schoenstatt Shrine with someone who has never been to our place of grace. We want to continue to fill the capital of grace of our Mother Thrice Admirable so that the Eucharistic Revival in our country my be blessed. Lift up your hearts! Sursum Corda!

In Gratitude,
Sr. M. Deanne
Schoenstatt Mothers - Waukesha
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