2020 Online Holy Week Retreat

“… so that God could have all the greater compassion with us.”

Father Joseph Kentenich

Words from Father Kentenich: 

It goes without saying that St. Paul’s reasoning was quite logical. Why did you choose this order? I apply it to myself: 

Why did you choose this situation in my life when this happened to me?

Hear the beautiful answer which gives us a deep insight into God’s great and wondrous world. In order that you may have all the more mercy on me (cf. Rom 11:31-32). Do you understand what this means?

On Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday of Holy Week, we will offer an online retreat. 

April 7-9, 2020

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Online Holy Week Retreat

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We invite you to join us in prayer from your home. 

Blessings to all in this Holy Week!